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All the latest tips and tricks put into easy to understand guides for your learning pleasure.

Three articles on improving your website


I’ve spotted these three articles on Mashable recently, which I think go together rather well. Enjoy!

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Change Apache’s document root to make developing locally easier


You want to make a local copy of a website so you can work on it without breaking the live site, but there is so much to do just to get it working. You have to download all the files, set up the database, change configuration files to use your…

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Check your website stats with cPanel


Tried advertising your site recently? Want to know whether its paying off? Well learn how to check your stats using cPanel.

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How to use I’m Feeling Lucky directly from Google Chrome’s search bar

I'm Feeling Lucky in Google Chrome

This is a really quick tip that solved a problem I was having. I, like many people, Google everything. Everything! Sometimes I’m sure the top result will suffice, so I hit I’m Feeling Lucky to save precious nano-seconds. I’ve taken to using Google Chrome for my day-to-day browsing, and find…

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5 Simple SEO Tips to boost your Blog


A blog can be time consuming, though very rewarding in return. In order to be as effective as possible, why not try out these five top tips to get your articles on that all important first page of Google!

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Apply a class to the last element in a list with jQuery


In this quick tip I’ll show you how to easily add a class to the last element in a list so that you can apply different styles to it, using a very simple, but very powerful jQuery selector.

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