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Little Engineering sells plant and agricultural machinery. They needed a new website where they could list not only vehicles but other pieces of very varied machinery. It needed to be easy to use, allow for a wide range of products to be listed and then display those items in a user friendly way for visitors.


We started with a new branding. We designed the cog logo to show a link to the machinery that Little Engineering sells. It is styled in a way reminiscent of an old fashioned hanging sign, lending the brand an air of reliability. This logo was used in the website, on business cards and letterheads and is going to be used on the company’s vehicles in the near future.

The front end of the website is developed using HTML5 and CSS3, taken from a Photoshop mockup and “hand made” into a functioning layout. There are also features like an integrated Flickr gallery, a contact form and a dynamic map.

For the back end of the website, we devised a system where the owners of the site could do more than just enter values for pre-defined fields such as horsepower, dimensions, age etc. But also allow them to define the keys for those values too. By using this method the system is extensible and supports listing just about any item. It’s allows them to to display data about their stock in a semantic fashion – and it’s searchable by any of these key:value pairs, the description or the title. The system is built on CakePHP which has been a joy to work with.

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New technologies for a new website: CakePHP, HTML5 and CSS3

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